Individual Contributors

The North Mississippi Symphony Orchestra Association gratefully acknowledges the following individuals whose annual investment ensures that our community can continue to enjoy great music and quality programs. Because of this generous support, we are able to present the 2014-2015 season. Our appreciation is extended to all those whose support we received after press time.

Grand Benefactors

Dr. Ken Beeman
Ms. Elizabeth Brown
Mr. And Mrs. David East
Dr. Noel V. Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hastings
Mrs. Letitia Horton
Drs. George and Doris Marquis
Hughes and Ann Milam
Thomas and Lynne Mize
Ted and Lynn Moll
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reed, Jr.
Bill Rice
Rob and Linda Rice
Don and Cathy Robertson
Dr. Dan Ross
Gerald and Donna Wages
Dr. and Mrs. Matt Wesson


Alice and Morris Alexander
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Chambers, III
Pamela Cox
Mrs. Mabel Crawford
Rick and Lorie Culp
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Diffee
Mark and Ann Blair Huffman
Jonathan and Lisa Martin
Glenn and Laura McCullough
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonald
Bob and Claire McGee
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Edd Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Murphey, III
Mr. and Mrs. David Neilson
Dr. Ginger Pole
Presley Eye Care Center
Dr. and Mrs. Julian Prince
Ms. Linda Durrett Reich
Mrs. Robert E. Rice, Sr.
George and Judy Rutledge
Joyce B. Sumners
Dan and Mona Warlick
Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Young, Jr.


Dr. and Mrs. Dan Brasfield
Mr. and Mrs. David Brevard
Bill and Sue Carroll
Dr. and Mrs. Doug Clark
James L. Crosby
Pat and Carla Faulkner
Justin and Jill Graff
Dr. and Mrs. George Housley
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Joyner
Mr. and Mrs. Rud Robison
Ms. Suzette Shelmire
Steve and Donna Stall


Janie Alexander
Dr. John Blakey
Dr. And Mrs. William Brawner
Mr. Henry C. Brevard
Dr. and Mrs. Swan Burrus
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cantrell
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Caples
Gary and Desiree Carnathan
Mr. J.W. Carroll
Dr. West and Gwen Cordell
Dr. Vangie De La Cruz
Dr. and Mrs. Leonil Gan Lim
Mark and Beth Harris
John Harris (L. Leone?)
Howard and Sara Hinds
B.B. And Patty Hosch
Charles and Joy Hyatt
Steve and Charlotte Icardi
Dr. and Mrs. Darko Kajfez
Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Kinsey
Dr. DeBora Murphey and Lou Kinsey
Ms. Tracy Kramer
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Kuhnle
Roy and Lillie Akin Knighton
Medford Leake
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Lippincott
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Long
Steve and Beverly McAlilly
Jim and Nancy Brown Milam
Bob and Martha F. Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Orr
Terry and Sondra Pinson
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Poland III
Brad and Mindy Prewitt
Mr. And Mrs. Scott Reed
Dr. And Mrs. Ray Reed, Jr.
Dr. And Mrs. Ron Richardson
Reginald and Delores Rose
Mr. G. Louis Rowles
Roy and Doris Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Scoville
Al and Connie Servati
Mollye H. Sheffield
Robert and Susan Sims
Skin Care by Iris, Mr. and Mrs. John Sindhoj
William Smothers
Ms. Janis E. Tutor
Clifford and Emmalyn Wilson
Sue and Heywood Washburn
Rusty and Candace Waterer
Lewis and Mel Whitfield
Mr. Tom and Dr. Veronica Valdez Wiseman