Dr. Ken Beeman
Mr. and Mrs. David Brevard
Mr. Henry C. Brevard
Rick and Lori Culp
Dr. Mark Fletcher
Dr. and Mrs. Leonil A. Gan Lim
Justin and Jill Graff
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Huffman
Charlie and Joy Hyatt
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Long
Ms. Kristy Luse
Steve and Beverly McAlilly
Glenn and Laura McCullough
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonald
Bob and Claire McGee
Jonathan and Lisa Martin
Jim and Nancy Brown Milam
Bob and Martha F. Monroe
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Edd Morris
Mrs. Eugene M. Murphey, III
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Naugher
Eddie and Michelle Powell
Presley Eye Care Center
Dr. and Mrs. Julian Prince
Ms. Linda Durrett Reich
Mrs. Robert E. Rice, Sr.
Reginald and Delores Rose
Mr. G. Louis Rowles
George and Judy Rutledge
Ms. Suzette Shelmire
Steve and Donna Stall
Joyce B. Sumners
Drs. Forest and Janis Tutor
Albert and Betsy White
Dr. Marion Winkler